by Acoustic Torment

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released August 15, 2002



all rights reserved


Acoustic Torment Wildberg, Germany

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Track Name: Satanic Seduction
Now the LORD GOD planted Eden
Where He put the man He had formed
He let grow all kinds of trees there
Splendid trees and good for food

Satanic seduction
Satanic seduction

In the middle of the garden
He planted the tree
Of the knowledge of good and evil
And He commanded the man

'Don't eat from that tree
Or you will surely die'

But the serpent persuaded the woman
To eat from the forbidden tree

'When you eat of it your eyes will be opened
And you will be like GOD
Knowing good and evil
And you will not surely die'

As the woman looked at the fruit
She thought it would be good for food

So she took some and ate it
And also her husband
Then their eyes where opened
And they realised that they were naked

And sin was born

'Who told you that you are naked?'
The LORD asked
'Have you eaten from the tree
From which I told you not to eat?'

'Cursed is the ground because of you
Through painful toil you will eat of it
All the days of your life
It will produce thorns and thistles for you
By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food

Until you return to the ground
Since from it you were taken
For dust you are
And to dust you will return'

Satanic seduction
Satanic seduction
Satanic seduction
Satanic seduction
Track Name: Separation
Sin separates from GOD
JESUS separates from si
Track Name: The Narrow Gate
The way you walk is broad and plain
From numerous fellows you let yourself float
But with every step you approach eternal pain
Cause hell waits at the end of the road

You despise the orders of the LORD
You want to enjoy your life
And ignore His Holy Word

Turn from your evil ways
Stay righteous in all pain and hate
Leave the road that leads to hell
And enter through the narrow gate

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial
Because when he has stood the test
He will receive the crown of life
That GOD has promised to those who love Him

Turn from your evil ways
Stay righteous in all pain and hate
Leave the road that leads to hell
And enter through the narrow gate

Wide is the gate and broad is the road
That leads to destruction
And many enter through it
But small is the gate and narrow the road
That leads to life
And only a few find it

Leave the road that leads to hell
And enter through the narrow gate
JESUS wants to be your saviour
Do not let Him wait

Do not let Him wait
Track Name: Nuclear Warfare
A vision in the sky
Casting a shade on mother earth
They know what it will bring
But no belief - denying the truth
Fleeing creatures everywhere
Each possessed by tremendous fear
Crying like tormented souls
Wishing that they were never born
A thud impact
A raising mushroom cloud
High pressure is filling the air
A flash of fire is dragging life away

Nuclear warfare
Nuclear warfare

Sitting here in the cold
Watching the drizzling snow
Benumbed perceiving the fallout
Looking at the wasteland
You cannot see it
You cannot feel it
You cannot touch it
But it could let you die
You watch yourself and scare
The hair is gone
The skin is black
The radiation is a torment
A torture

Nuclear warfare
Nuclear warfare
Track Name: Belated Perception
My life on earth is over
I died a sudden death
I didn't care about JESUS
I am sorry to confess
I don't know where I am
It could be hell I guess
Should this be the terminal
For all the deceased godless?

A grieving darkness surrounds me
Fearsome screams get through my core
Tearing the intolerable silence
Satan I have to adore
I want to loose my sense

I want to die
But I am dead
JESUS is no lie
His existence is reality

And who believes in Him
Is blessed in all eternity

Now I know that
Now it is too late
Now that I am dead
I know there is no fate

But an almighty GOD who has all under control

If I only had a second chance
I would live a different life
A life in CHRIST
If only somebody could hear me
I would shout out loud
'Alive is CHRIST'

And the reward for those
Who live without Him
Is worse than death
It is eternal loneliness

Eternal agony is my future
Tortured an godforsaken forever
Will I turn back ever?

Track Name: Judgement Day
Then I saw a great white throne
And Him who was seated on it
Earth and sky fled from His presence
And there was no place for them
And I saw the dead
Great and small
Standing before the throne
And books where opened

Another book was opened
Which is the book of life
Concerning those who feared the LORD
And honoured His name

The dead were judged
According to what they had done
As recorded in the books

The sea gave up the dead
And death and Hades gave up the dead
And each person was judged
According to what he had done
Then death and Hades were thrown
Into the lake of fire
Which is the second death

If anyone's name was not found
In the book of life
He was thrown into the lake of fire

Judgement day is coming
Are you ready for being judged?
Judgement day is coming
Will your name be found
In the book of life?
Track Name: Choose Christ
Choose death or life
Choose Satan or CHRIST
Choose life

Choose death or life
Choose Satan or CHRIST

Choose death or life
Choose Satan or CHRIST
Choose life

Choose death or life
Choose Satan or CHRIST
Track Name: Sonnentau
Der Tag ist jung, die Luft gar kühl,
Als die winz'gen Wassertropfen auf meiner Haut ich fühl'
Das Nass des Nebels, der schaurig steigt empor
Aus den verträumten Eb'nen tief im Schwarzwaldmoor.

Noch ruht die Kreatur im Wald verborgen
Von einem dicken Schleier sanft bedeckt.
Es schweigt die Flur, es graut der Morgen,
Als ein klarer Laut den Tag erweckt:

Die Grille zirpt ihr helles Lied,
Die Stille stirbt, die Ruhe flieht.
Es erwacht das Moor -
Ein neuer Tag ist geboren
Und es kommt mir vor,
Manch quälend Drangsal sei verloren.

Die Sonne wirft ihre warmen Strahlen
Durch das Geäst uralter Bäume.
Die Natur beginnt zu malen
Bilder gleich der schönsten Träume.

Der Nebel wehrt sich
Gegen der Sonne Macht -
Ein Kampf entfacht.

Doch es vermehrt sich
Die güldene Kraft,
Die es endlich schafft
Und den Dunst besiegt.

Zum Vorschein kommt die ganze Pracht.
Vögel singen und die Sonne lacht.
Vollkommen beherrscht Seinen Beruf,
Der all dies so wunderbar erschuf.

Zarte Spinnweben vom Morgentau benetzt,
Sind der Gräser Zier
Und gleichen edlen Perlenschnüren
Ins lockend Netz sich setzt
So manch' Getier,
Das sich liess vom Glanz verführen.

Verlassen und einsam wirken
Die zierlich gewachs'nen Birken,
Die dort draussen auf den Inseln
Alle Blicke auf sich zieh'n.
Überwältigt von des Schöpfers Pinseln
Staune ich und lobe Ihn.

Ein sanfter Wind trägt die Hitze fort.
Die Zeit verrinnt, der Abend ergreift das Wort.

Des Himmels Licht gar glutrot glüht.
Es verstummt des Spechtes Hämmern.
Des Tages Blüte ist verblüht
Und es beginnt zu dämmern.
Die Sonne weicht,
Hat bald des Himmels Bett erreicht
Der Tag ist müde und es erwacht
Eine sternenklare Nacht.

Vergessen werd' ich nimmermehr
Die Bilder die ich sah und seh'.
Und als ich endlich heimwärts geh',
Fällt mir der Abschied unendlich schwer.

Doch von den Bildern
Die mich träumen liessen
Noch berauscht, ja halb benommen,
Nehm' ich mir vor:
Bald schon werd' ich wiederkommen
Um zu geniessen
Den Frieden tief im Schwarzwaldmoor.